London Oven Cleaners

Oven-Cleaning01A properly cleaned oven is an essential part of every well-kept kitchen, problem is that oven cleaning is one of those laborious and tricky cleaning chores which most people would be more than happy to delegate to someone else.

In this case we are the right people for the job, our specialised London oven cleaning service is the perfect alternative to the hours of scrubbing and rubbing of hard to reach places inside the oven. Better still, our professional solutions will deliver exceptional quality cleaning results without costing you a small fortune, or leaving the kitchen a mess.

The oven cleaning process, or what we do:

  1. Inspect the oven for faults
  2. Disassemble all removable parts including the door
  3. Soak the racks, trays, pans, panels in a dip tank full of cleaning solution
  4. Manually clean the body of the oven
  5. Place everything back together, assembly
  6. Final polish from the inside and outside
  7. Test and inspection to make sure everything works properly

In order to yield consistent, industry standard cleaning results each and every time, we work with highly effective, professional grade oven cleaning products and materials. Using the right tools for the job not only delivers better results but also reduces cleaning time and resource and material waste.

Since causing damage to protective coatings and interior features of the oven would be totally unacceptable for our customers and us as a professional service provider, we employ the most professional and highly skilled cleaners around. Our cleaning technicians undergo additional training in order to make them even better at their job, which is all to our customers’ benefit.

The oven cleaning service in London we offer you is a fully comprehensive cleaning treatment which covers all parts and features of the oven, inside and out. Our cleaners will diligently clean all removable parts inside the oven, including racks, fan, light bulb protector, panels, door gasket, thermo resistant glass etc.

The treatments we apply are perfectly safe and highly effective on all types of ovens including conventional, gas and fan forced. The cleaning systems we use are nontoxic and will leave no trace or residue inside the oven after cleaning. Nevertheless, we recommend heating up the oven to maximum temperature for five or ten minutes before first use after cleaning.

A clean oven is a must, more so a clean oven is a healthy and safe one. Burnt on residue, grease and cooking oil staining inside the oven may not seem like a problem at the start, but with everyday use such issues will become more evident. A dirty oven will also cost you more to use, as the appliance will consume more power to heat up and retain its cooking temperature. A dirty oven is also an unhealthy oven as grease and residue will seep into dishes during cooking thus altering their taste, flavour and nutritional value for the worse. In extreme cases, where the oven has never been cleaned properly, built up and residue can become a fire hazard. Don’t postpone your oven cleaning requirements, but let us clean your appliance to a perfect finish today.

Oven-Cleaning02Cost wise, our London oven cleaning service is comfortably priced and gives you genuine value for money. All cleaning will be performed with minimum water and resource waste in order to reduce overall service costs. The oven cleaning is also convenient and flexible. We will visit your address in a suitable time which works with your daily schedule and commitments. Our technicians will arrive at the requested time and not a minute later. Our crews are fully equipped which means there will be no time-wasting of fussing about. The cleaning process will be completed within the required amount of time and we will be out of your way before you know it.

Our service is available for booking in London seven days a week, including Sundays and public holidays, under flexible and convenient hours. Evening and short notice cleaning appointments are also available at no change of price.