Carpet Cleaning – London

Carpet-Cleaning01Clean and fresh carpets are quintessential to any well-kept property. Clean carpets not only allow for better interior hygiene, but also improve indoor air quality. A properly cleaned carpet also translates to healthier indoor living as there are fewer germs, bacteria, irritants and pathogens in close proximity to occupants.

Generally, if you live in London there are two ways to keep the carpet clean – conventional cleaning and professional cleaning. Conventional cleaning is highly ineffective as it consumes a lot of time, effort and resources without yielding the necessary level of cleaning results. We advise customers to use our professional service as the better, more efficient and sensible alternative to any conventional cleaning methods of dubious effectiveness.

Our specialised London carpet cleaning service is perfectly safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fibre carpets. The cleaning systems we apply will not affect the carpet’s colour, dimensions, and structure or comfort properties in any way of form. Our carpet cleaning methods are specially designed to work and clean deep inside the carpet, all the way down to its base where the real hygiene problems are.

When first fitted, carpets are clean and fresh, free of any bacteria, grime, dirt and soiling. In time, with everyday use the carpet will begin to accumulate great deals of dirt and bacteria. Everyday foot traffic will drive grime, dirt and bacteria deep inside the carpet, thus rendering conventional cleaning attempts useless. Initially, this will only affect the carpet visually and dull its colour. Eventually though, the carpet will become matted and flattened in structure – this will also be apparent through the stale, specific odour which dirty carpets have. The problem will be even more evident around high traffic zones like the hallway, the front door area and the stairs.

Depending on the specifics of your carpet cleaning requirements, we will apply one of two cleaning methods – either dry carpet cleaning or steam carpet cleaning. Both techniques are highly effective in cleaning and stain removal and perfectly safe for the carpet. Both methods work deep inside the fibres and achieve lasting hygiene you can actually see and feel.

In the case of steam cleaning, we use the natural cleaning power of steam in order to lift stains, kill bacteria, soften and remove dirt and debris throughout the depth of the carpet fibres. The steam cleaning equipment we use is industry grade and highly efficient. The drying time for carpets subjected to steam cleaning will be two to four hours depending on the relative humidity and ambient temperature inside the premises.

Carpet-Cleaning02The other method we use – dry London carpet cleaning is just as effective and sparing on both natural and synthetic fibre carpets. The cleaning process involves the application of specially formulated, nontoxic powdered solvents which react with dirt, grime and bacteria. The cleaning products are extracted from the carpet using special equipment at the end of the cleaning session. Carpets subjected to dry cleaning should be dry enough to walk on in about forty to sixty minutes. Reduced drying time is one of the benefits of dry carpet cleaning.

The carpet cleaning process is carried out by our specially qualified cleaning technicians in London, who have the skills and expertise to do the job right without risk of damage or substandard cleaning results. We recommend having your carpets cleaned professionally at least once every six months as this not only improves overall interior hygiene, but also prolongs the carpet’s lifespan and saves you money from untimely repairs and replacement.

The service is reasonably priced and delivers exceptional results without excess costs. Carpet cleaning is available to customers seven days a week.