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Oven Maintenance

It is a no-brainer but people often forget that objects that have to do with food tend to be quite dirty. Little know fact – there are more bacteria on your kitchen chopping board than your toilet seat. So what about ovens? Well the high temperature prevents a lot of bacteria to grow but it does not make them any less dirty. Even more so actually. It is the way ovens work on a purely physical and chemical level.

One of the major problems with ovens is the built up og grease over time. There are a couple of things you must to to prevent that. First make sure you always use a deep enough pan when roasting meat. It’s a great way to avoid spills on the bottom of the oven. However that is not a problem solver. During the cooking process you can see water evaporating from your roast...

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Combine regular with professional cleaning

Reading an article about why you should use professional cleaner services on a website that happens to offer such probably brings a dismissive smile on your face. The same one you get when you watch the shopping channel and some German guy tries to sell you a set of seemingly indestructible laser sharpened knives that can slice Darth Vader’s light saber in half. Trust us – we’re human, we know that feeling, too.

However it is a fact that some types of cleaning and certain parts of your home are best left to the pros. This does not mean you should stop cleaning your home entirely. On the contrary. A good upkeep of your home or office is vital to their longevity. Some people might say: “Well if I’m doing all the work why should I bother paying for hired help at all?”...

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