Combine regular with professional cleaning

Reading an article about why you should use professional cleaner services on a website that happens to offer such probably brings a dismissive smile on your face. The same one you get when you watch the shopping channel and some German guy tries to sell you a set of seemingly indestructible laser sharpened knives that can slice Darth Vader’s light saber in half. Trust us – we’re human, we know that feeling, too.

However it is a fact that some types of cleaning and certain parts of your home are best left to the pros. This does not mean you should stop cleaning your home entirely. On the contrary. A good upkeep of your home or office is vital to their longevity. Some people might say: “Well if I’m doing all the work why should I bother paying for hired help at all?”. Let’s use an analogy which we think is appropriate. When a person doesn’t feel well he goes to the doctor. Or you visit him once in a while for routine checkups. How you take care of your body between visits determines to a large extent how successful the doctor is in helping you. If you’re physically active and watch what you’re eating the doc would probably have a much easier time helping you. And there would probably be trouble if you spend your days eating junk food.

Just like doctors, cleaners are not miracle workers. As good and as experienced as we are there is only so much we can do for a let down home. So remember – clean your house or office at least once a week. And call us when it gets to cleaning your:

  • Oven or fridge: any object that has to do with food is inherently dirty. Put in heat in the equation when it comes to ovens and things can get nasty (sometimes literally). It’s recommended that you do a major cleaning of your oven and fridge every few months. Usually it’s a tedious process that can take up several hours for a non-professional and if not done correctly can leave nasty marks and damages on the surface of the appliances.
  • Windows – not something you clean very often. Unlike a shelf there is not visible layer of dust a week after you last cleaned it. Windows just get a bit dimmer over time. It’s recommended you clean your windows at least twice a year. Professional cleaning is more thorough so the window would look crisp longer.
  • Draperies and binds – the ultimate dust collectors. You can clean them yourself but between the vacuuming, cleaning with a sponge and possible dry cleaning you’re better of calling a cleaning company.
  • Carpets – the no-brainer of the list. You should do two things when it comes to your carpets. 1) vacuum them regularly and 2) call professional cleaners at least twice a year. We said drapes are the ultimate dist collectors but carpets are the ultimate dirt collectors (as in dust included). No matter how well and often you clean your carpets they usually end up holding at least two times their weight in dirt and normal vacuums are just not powerful enough to deal with it.

Obviously the list can go on but we’ll limit it to the most commonly used services. So don’t forget – clean regularly and call professional cleaners at least twice a year and your carpets, drapes (and home in general) will look like new for years to come.

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