Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in London

Any experienced commercial establishment owner knows the importance of a perfectly clean and sanitised kitchen. More so, for most if not all commercial establishments an immaculately clean kitchen is more than just a necessity, but a law imposed requirement. A small lapse in hygiene of commercial kitchens can spell out the end of the establishment as bacterial outbreaks can contaminate food supplies and working areas around the kitchen – definitely not a scenario to be part of.

Commercial-Kitchen-Cleaning01Commercial kitchen cleaning is a specific and technical process which must be handled by specially qualified cleaners. There is no room for error when it comes to cleaning commercial kitchens, and we as a professional service provider know how to yield industry standard cleaning results every time. The kitchen cleaning will be carried out by a team of specially trained cleaning technicians who understand the intricate specifics of the process. Our cleaners will be fully equipped for the task at hand with all the necessary products, materials and equipment.

The commercial kitchen in London cleaning service is a full cleaning treatment which covers all parts and features of the kitchen. All surfaces, including flooring, tables, bench tops, food preparation areas etc. will be cleaned and sanitised using highly effective cleaning products. All kitchen appliances like chopping boards, meat grinders, mixers, blenders, ovens, stoves, freezers and fridges etc. will also be subjected to thorough cleaning. Kitchen features like sinks, rinse basins, taps, tilework, backsplash, drainage etc. will be cleaned attentively and efficiently. If there are staff areas, or sanitary facilities which are also part of the kitchen, those too will be disinfected and cleaned with the same efficiency and precision. Our aim is to provide customers with consistent, high quality cleaning results throughout the commercial kitchen without margin for error or risk of damage to surfaces and appliances.

The commercial kitchen cleaning service we offer is performed using nontoxic, industry grade cleaning products and materials which evaporate and dissolve without trace or residue shortly after cleaning. This means the kitchen will be ready for use almost immediately after the cleaning process has been completed. Should London customers have any additional or specific requirements concerning the cleaning process, by all means let our cleaners know upon arrival and they will be happy to oblige.

We understand that the commercial establishments cannot just shut down for the day in order to have the kitchen facilities cleaned, as this would translate to heaps of lost profit and unhappy customers. Because of this, we will schedule your commercial kitchen cleaning for a suitable off peak time, either on weekends, or out of business hours. The process will be completed within the required amount of hours, without costly delays or unexpected setbacks. If necessary we will dispatch an extra number of cleaning technicians in order to meet your timeframe. Overnight commercial kitchen cleaning requests will be accommodated for at no change of price.

Commercial-Kitchen-Cleaning02Immaculate commercial kitchen hygiene is an ongoing commitment, this is why our professional commercial kitchen cleaning service can be requested on a regular basis. The frequency and duration of the cleaning visits will depend on customer preferences and availability. We will try and send you the same team of cleaners every time unless otherwise instructed by customers as this raises efficiency and reduces the overall cleaning time.

The service is adequately priced and will not put a dent in your company budget. Customers can expect punctual and attentive cleaning without the hefty price tag so common to such specialised cleaning solutions. The London commercial kitchen cleaning service gives you the desired cost efficiency and value for money every time.