Q. What is the area your company operates in?

A. We cover the entire London area – North, North West, North East, South West, South East, West and East London.

Q. Are the chemicals you use safe? Do they release toxic fumes?

No. All cleaning products we use in our services are safe and environment friendly. Safe is our topmost priority and we utilize only non-toxic, non-caustic, eco friendly products that release no fumes and leave no smells.

Q. How soon after the cleaning is complete will my oven be available for usage?

A. Immediately. Once our cleaners are finished with your appliance you can plug it in and start using it as soon as you like.

Q. How long does an oven cleaning take?

A. Naturally it’s relative to the size and shape of the device as well as the degree of “dirtiness”. Normal sized ovens generally take about an hour to clean; larger Range cookers can go up to 3 hours.

Q. Do you clean the glass doors of the ovens? What about stainless steel parts?

A. Yes, the glass doors are cleaned thoroughly inside and out. Stainless steel ovens are not a problem – we deal with all types of ovens. We can make any oven look in almost mint condition.

Q. Are your cleaners professionals?

A. All of our employes are highly skilled in this line of work and have years of experience.

Q. Isn’t oven cleaning something I can do easily myself?

A. Yourself – sometimes. Easily – never. Oven cleaning is tedious, dirty and often difficult. There are certain tricks of the trade for more thorough results and the products used by our cleaners are not necessarily available in every store.

Q. But aren’t oven cleaning services expensive?

A. Ours aren’t. We offer the lowest possible prices for a first class service. You’d most likely waste more time, money and energy trying to clean your oven yourself rather than turning to the professionals.

Q. Are there any additional charges?

A. No. Our services come with no additional or hidden costs.

Q. I’m interested in using your services. What are the steps for booking an appointment?

A. We’ve made the process as fast and as easy as possible. All you have to do is call our number and book an appointment with our friendly phone operators or just use the convenient quote form on the website and we’ll get back to you.

Q. What other appliances do you clean? Do you offer other cleaning services?

A. Our appliance cleaning service covers all devices like ovens, cookers, microwaves, grilling devices, fridges, freezers etc. In addition we also offer a wide range of other cleaning services you can check out at the “Cleaning Services” section of your website.

Q. I have a question that is not covered in the FAQ.

A. If you have any additional question about our services – please call us at 0207048213 and get a free nonobligatory consultation from one of our operators or write us an email from the contact form on the website.