Fridge Cleaning – London

Most people in London don’t rank fridge cleaning too high on their cleaning chores list, nevertheless the average refrigerator requires proper cleaning on a regular basis. If your fridge has developed that distinctive, unpleasant odour known as fridge breath, or there have been a decent amount of spills and splashes inside the appliance, then perhaps it is time to think about specialised fridge cleaning solutions.

Fridge-Cleaning01We offer our customers access to professional grade, highly efficient cooler cleaning service in London with guaranteed results. To the untrained eye, fridge cleaning may appear to be just another mundane cleaning chore around the kitchen, but good refrigerator hygiene is important and the process itself is systematic and specific. The most common cause of fridge breath comes from the actual purpose of the refrigerator – to store food and products in a chilled environment.

Different products, dishes you cooked earlier, fresh produce and all sorts of other food stuffs are randomly stored in the average fridge. Every time you open the fridge door, bacteria floating in the air make their way inside the refrigerated environment, although such bacteria aren’t harmful they do have an effect on the refrigerator’s internal hygiene. Fridge breath also comes from the fact that you store room temperature products alongside warm and chilled products. The rule of thumb is never to refrigerate a product or meal which is still hot or warm. If this is done on a regular basis, condensation forms on interior walls of the fridge.

Condensation is basically the liquid form of water vapours emitted from warm dishes and products stored in the fridge. In result, condensation freezes and ices over the fridge – even no frost machines will begin to freeze over when used in this erroneous way. Spills and splashes are also a major violator to fridge hygiene. Spills and splashes will quickly dry up inside the fridge and become quite hard to remove. The fridge draws out moisture from substances during the actual cooling process, this is why stains and spills will quickly become stale residue.

Fridge-Cleaning02Let us deal with fridge cleaning for you, we know how to do the job right and will leave you with money to spare. The London fridge cleaning service is quite comprehensive and covers all interior and exterior surfaces and features of the refrigerator. All removable parts like racks, containers, fresh boxes etc. will be removed and cleaned thoroughly, dried, polished and then put back into place. Our cleaners will be extra careful when cleaning the inside of the fridge in order to avoid damage such as scratches and dents to any protective coatings or paintwork finishes. Door seal, handles and lights will also be part of the fridge cleaning package that we have for London. Our cleaning teams will be extra careful when cleaning the refrigerator drain pan situated at the bottom of the appliance. The drain pan often gets clogged with grime and liquefied scum which too contributes to fridge breath

We use only nontoxic, ecofriendly cleaning products and materials because the fridge is a food storage appliance which must be free of any chemicals or toxins, prior and after cleaning. Customers must remember to switch off, remove products and defrost the fridge prior to receiving our cleaning teams. This will reduce cleaning time and keep mess in the kitchen to a minimum. If necessary, the cleaners can also clean the fridge coils on the backside of the appliance as they get clogged with dust and cobwebs. Cleaning the fridge coils will reduce strain on the appliance and make it work more efficiently.

The fridge cleaning service is comfortably priced and available for booking seven days a week.