Oven Maintenance

It is a no-brainer but people often forget that objects that have to do with food tend to be quite dirty. Little know fact – there are more bacteria on your kitchen chopping board than your toilet seat. So what about ovens? Well the high temperature prevents a lot of bacteria to grow but it does not make them any less dirty. Even more so actually. It is the way ovens work on a purely physical and chemical level.

One of the major problems with ovens is the built up og grease over time. There are a couple of things you must to to prevent that. First make sure you always use a deep enough pan when roasting meat. It’s a great way to avoid spills on the bottom of the oven. However that is not a problem solver. During the cooking process you can see water evaporating from your roast. However that vapor contains not only water but also various fat molecules that attach to every part of your over and build up over time. It’s advised when you’re cooking meat to cover it with aluminum foil. Keep the foil until your roast I almost ready and then get it off during the final 15 to 20 minutes to achieve the desired results.

Another thing to remember is dealing with spills. They are a particularly nasty problem if not dealt with immediately. The temperature turn them into a hard to remove crust in just a few minutes sometimes. If the spill is a liquid like sauce use a wet (but not soaking) sponge to carefully soak as much is possible. If it’s something more thick like dough use a spoon to remove as much as possible at the moments, then sponge and deal with the rest afterward. Once you’re done cooking, wait for the oven to cool and carefully apply a cleaning product of your choosing.

Like everything else your oven need to be maintained properly. Clean spills immediately and try to clean the oven itself at least once a month. If you neglect it too – expect dire results. Also bear in mind there there is only so much you can do about the oven. You need to use a professional London oven cleaning service once in a while. Just like your car needs a mechanic to have a look at it once in a while you need a qualified cleaner handle your oven. There are spots that are difficult to clean on your own and if handled improperly might actually break your oven.

The final advice would be to stay near your over while cooking. It can be quite tempting (especially with new high tech ovens) to just put in whatever you’re cooking and go watch TV or do something else. However being around the oven while cooking means you can react immediately if there is a spill – you’re bound to smell it and hear the hissing noise. Not to mention – no matter the safety mechanisms it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on electrical devices.

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