Spring Cleaning

Large scale or elaborate house cleaning chores usually get postponed until spring. This is only understandable as the cold, winter days can be quite demotivating and make you want to snug rather than clean.

Spring-Cleaning02Having said this, a good dose of spring cleaning is quite necessary after the drowsy winter months, though the sheer scale of the cleaning chores that have mounted up during winter can be enough to discourage even the keenest of individuals. As always, we have the solution to your predicament, and that is our professional spring cleaning service. This cleaning option is the perfect way to freshen up the entire place and welcome spring and summer once again. Our spring cleaning service is a fully comprehensive cleaning solution which covers the entire house from top to bottom. Customers can expect consistent, high quality cleaning results in all rooms and areas of the property, even those hard to reach or out of sight spots which usually get missed during regular cleaning.

In order to reduce cleaning time and complete everything without delays or setbacks, we will dispatch an entire team of specially trained, fully equipped cleaning technicians to your address. Our guys will arrive on the dot, and commence work immediately in a well organised, unobtrusive manner without making a nuisance of themselves. If you have things to do in the meantime, by all means go ahead – our cleaners are dedicated professionals who require no supervision. If you have any specific requirements or concerns to do with the service, please let the cleaners know and they will be happy to oblige and follow your instructions.

As mentioned, the spring cleaning service we offer you is a detailed cleaning solution designed to bring professional standard cleaning results throughout the house. The cleaners will systematically work their way through every room and area, in order to make sure every square inch of the place is cleaned immaculately.

Neither time nor effort will be spared when cleaning heavy duty areas like the toilet, the bathroom and the kitchen which see a lot of frequent use and require more cleaning attention. Every surface and feature in the kitchen and wet rooms will be cleaned, sanitised and polished to a perfect finish – just as expected by customers. The cleaning teams will subject high traffic zones like hallways, staircases and front door areas to thorough, attentive cleaning. Living room, dining room, play room, bedrooms, powder room etc. will also be subjected to the same rigorous cleaning procedures.

Spring-Cleaning01When you choose our specialised spring cleaning service you will definitely get your money’s worth, no matter how basic or elaborate the cleaning requirements. For a very reasonable amount of money you will receive multiple types of professional grade cleaning in the form of a fully comprehensive cleaning treatment which covers everything down to the smallest, seemingly insignificant detail.

As always, our expert cleaning teams will use only industry certified, nontoxic cleaning products and professional grade cleaning systems which allow for better results, reduced water and resource waste, and cancel out the risk of damage. We will complete your spring cleaning treatment within the specified amount of time, without costly delays or unexpected setbacks. Should the need be there, we can provide you with additional number of cleaners in order to have everything wrapped on time.

The spring cleaning service is quite flexible and can be customised to cover specific requirements without excess costs or too much fuss. Bookings are available for all days of the week, including Sundays and public holidays. Keep in mind that for best results, we’ll need a certain amount of hours.