Tile & Grout Cleaning – London

Anyone in London who has dealt with tile and grout cleaning before knows how hard and laborious this cleaning chore really is. Tilework and grout between tiles are notorious for accumulating bacteria, grime, soap scum, lime scaling and mould. The longer the periods between tile and grout cleaning the more effort and time it takes to yield the required results.

Tile-CleaningInstead of spending long hours of scrubbing and rubbing tilework, while breathing in fumes and vapours from toxic solvents and aggressive cleaning acids, why not make the whole process swift and manageable through using our professional London tile and grout cleaning service. This cleaning service will deliver exceptional quality results on all tiled surfaces in wet rooms and kitchen. The cleaning products and techniques we apply are safe and effective on all types of porcelain and terracotta tiles, as well as any other types of tilework you have fitted.

The tile and grout cleaning that we offer in London will not cause any damage such as scratches to tiled surfaces or chips to corners as we use industry grade cleaning systems on all jobs. We apply mild, specially formulated solvents and delicate abrasives which preserve the tile’s shiny, smooth top surface whilst cleaning effectively and dissolving and residue and built up. The grout scouring we perform will remove mould, soap scum and lime scaling from grouts without breaking or penetrating the grout itself. In many cases, erroneous or overaggressive scouring treatments can compromise the hydro resistance of grout thus allowing moisture to wreak havoc behind the tiled surface – this however will not be a problem with our tile and grout sanitising service in Greater London as our expertly trained cleaners will apply the right cleaning products and materials for best results and no risk of damage.

Tile and grout cleaning may appear a relatively straightforward cleaning chore which only takes patience and lots of elbow grease, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Most types of grout are highly porous which means they tend to absorb fungal and bacterial spores, grime and lime scale etc. The first sign of cleaning neglect will be the change of hue. Grout will change in colour going from yellowish or greenish to brown and black – a sure signal that fungal growth is already present. Tilework will also suffer from mould eventually. Tiles with non-smooth surface will easily develop reddish or brownish spots and patches which precede mould. Lime scaling is also much harder to remove completely from non-smooth surface tiles – which makes the whole cleaning process really demanding and tedious.

Grout-CleaningUsing our professional London tile and grout cleaning service is the better alternative in all instances. First of all, you don’t have to spend long hours in tough tile cleaning chores – our expert cleaning teams will do this for you in a fraction of the time. Second of all, you don’t have purchase and be exposed to toxic chemicals and aggressive cleaning solvents as our cleaning teams will arrive fully equipped with specially formulated cleaning products and materials. You will receive better quality cleaning results without risk of damage – erroneous or aggressive cleaning methods will eventually have a negative effect on tilework, no matter how strong or resistant the surface. Last but not least, you will get exceptional quality cleaning without excess costs – our cleaning teams will keep water and resource waste to a minimum in order to reduce the overall service cost.

The tile and grout cleaning is performed by specially trained cleaners in London who have the necessary qualification and experience to do the job right without any margin for error. This cleaning service can be booked for any day of the week.